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Good Luck Amulet not only present information about good luck amulet and talisman from various cultures and countries, real amulet, antique amulets, talisman but also share article about good luck tips, symbolism in amulet, the use of god luck amulet in fashion design (such as amulet pendants), esoteric views, and inner-study, as well as amulets for sale.

Good luck is mystery. Some people receive it but they do not understand why and how it happens. Some perspectives say that lucky people unconsciously or subconsciously do something which brings good result. Good luck is good unexpected result even if some lucky people do not plan for the result. Modern study states that lucky people have brainwave which can attract abundance, love, and prosperity. Other views say that it is just a matter of fate and they just accept it as a part of good destiny.  There are beliefs and opinions about how good luck happens.

Good Luck Amulet

Good Luck Amulet has esoteric function and fashion.

Since ancient times, people have been trying to crack the code of good luck. They read the sign in their life and through esoteric learning process; they received knowledge on how to attract good luck. Just like modern people, they used tools for good luck. Whether or not the tools are effective depend on their mind. They used good luck amulet and talisman.

However, in modern era, people not only use the symbols in good luck amulet and talisman for magical functions but also for style in fashion. Good luck symbols still play role in function and fashion.

Definition of Amulet

Some people called good luck amulet Good Luck Charm

Amulet is a charm as an ornament to help the wearer or protect against evil like disease, the beasts, and witchcraft.  Some amulets are inscribed with mysterious formula.

The terms amulet and talisman are often used interchangeably but many people define talisman as an engraved amulet. We will discuss it later in difference between amulet and talisman.

The word ‘amulet’ is taken form Latin word amulaetum which means an object which can protect people from trouble. However, the derivation of the word is doubtful. There is no exact etymological opinion about it. Some opinions say it probably comes from the Arabic hamala which means ‘to carry.’  Most of amulets are small and wearer can carry them.

Good Luck Charm

Shamrock leaf as a good luck amulet in my hand reminds me to have confidence that good luck is in my hand.

Real Amulet

Real amulet is powerful amulets. The mages, witches, or monks charge it with power to help in certain tasks. According to some beliefs, some amulets are haunted or vessels of spirits with certain job description. Some amulets, such as gem, crystal, tiger’s nail, and root of certain plant, originally have natural energy. The others are programmed by using prayers, affirmation, or spells. People usually give names to their small magical objects.

Real amulets are media for mages to pass the energy form themselves of other outer sources to another people. Like saving the food stock, they also use amulets to store the excess energy they receive for the next use.

There is no exact result of using amulet. The power of an amulet varies for every person. Someone needs to make experiment until he finds the amulet that work best for him. Sometimes, the wearer needs paranormal ability or expert to find suitable amulet with good vibration for him.

Good Luck Amulet Today

In modern era, some people still wear amulets for their magical or esoteric functions. The knowledge of bio energy or bio magnetic also creates pendants, such as scalar pendant, which can have good effect to people’s health. This practice is rather scientific than magic. The others wear good luck amulet pendant or ring for style in fashion. They use the symbol and know the meaning of the symbol to remind them about gratitude and positive thought or they just love the design of the symbol. The collectors just like to collect the antique amulets for their collection.

Do you like Good Luck Amulet? Do you want to have it for magical function, for fashion, or for your antique collection?

GoodLuckAmulet.Org presents information about good luck amulet! Good Luck!

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